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Preserving any Rights of Every Children

Preserving any Rights of Every Children

Adults sometimes say that in the eyes of children everything will just be play and play and play, but in the contrary, they have as many of humans rights to be part of any decision one person or adult should make. Families are one unit and should remain that way, for in marriage two people [...]

Preserving any Rights of Every Children

Adults sometimes say that in the eyes of children everything will just be play and play and play, but in the contrary, they have as many of humans rights to be part of any decision one person or adult should make. Families are one unit and should remain that way, for in marriage two people are bound by whatever vows they have sworn their word to especially when there is a child involved. There is a convention on United Nations called the Convention on the Rights of the Child more commonly abbreviated as the CRC, CROC, or UNCRC. They have issued a human rights treaty setting out the civil, political, economic, social, health, and cultural rights of any/every children. Any welfare involving a minor of any age below the age of eighteen falls to their jurisdiction unless an earlier age of majority is recognized by a country’s law.

Every Nation is bound to this convention via the ‘international law’ and its compliance is monitored by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child which involves and composed of members from countries all around the world. One of the requirements of the Committee is to submit a report to the Third Committee of the ‘United Nations General Assembly’, which also hears a statement CRC Chair which by then the Assemble adopts a Resolution on the Rights of the Child. By way of monitoring every humans rights of every child around the world, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has issued also another requirement to involve every country that is ratified by the Convention to report to, and appear before the Committee to be examined on the progress the members have had in regards to the advancement of the implementation of the Convention.


The Convention was opened for signature by the twentieth of November 1989 and came into full force of the second of September 1990 after being ratified by the required number of nations. By the November of 2009, a hundred and ninety-four countries have ratified it. There are two optional protocols though, that were adopted on the twenty-fifth of May 2000. The ‘First Optional Protocol’ restricts any involvement of children in military conflicts, and the ‘Second Optional Protocol’ prohibits the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography. It’s sad that even up to this day, even children are involved in fighting demons that only an adult has to face, in order to survive this world- in some countries- even children need to make a living in God knows whatever means they find. Instead of looking on the world with innocence and confidence, they become wary because of major conflicts countries have nowadays. It should not be the worry of children whatever wrong there is in this world, but they do need to have fun in order to look forward to the future which involves all of us adult and kids alike. So let us preserve and protect every humans rights a child has, and as much as possible lessen violence in this world.

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How Will You Fight For Your Rights

Why should we need to know every right we have? It is because every right has its own various types of violations. Human rights March is going on in every part of the world. People fight for their rights that other people not given to them and sometimes being violated. The most violated human rights that all people known was the deaths related to collateral damages cause by warfare or due to killings. This right was violated throughout the world. The government always speaks that they can handle the criminal activity that was going on in the place, but they never do anything to stop it. And sometimes killing turns to massacre. The other popular case of violating human rights is the rape case, even in late time’s women and ladies were being rape by soldiers or maybe worst because they were force to become a prostitute. As of now there a still case of prostitution around the world or maybe human trafficking they kidnapped people to work for them and bring them to other countries without the proper documents. These people must be punished but what else the poor people will do about it if there are big persons that are behind those criminal acts.

Human rights is the articulation of the need for justice, mutual respect, tolerance and human dignity in all of our activity. These rights were really important to each of us, to fight and to save ourselves from those people who might hurt and abuse us. Some of our folks don’t know about their rights that are why they were being molested and drag to unrighteousness that makes them a bitter person. Many of our folks were joining some human rights March to voice out of the tidiness of government when it comes to our rights. When you protect your rights it means that you are ensuring yourself that people receive some degree of decent and humane treatment.

Article 3 (The Right to Live Free) says that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of a person.” There are places in the world that many of their people died because of war. 2007 in Afghanistan many noncombatant civilian were perished it is about 6,500 people suffered and killed by insurgents and suicide attackers.  Those people were dead because of the less capability of their government to decide about the human rights law. Clearly not all countries in the world have their human rights bill in their law. Many of us were still finding about the truth about our rights being violated by other people. We need to hope that the time will come and no person will be violated by their rights. As we all notice that the government had agreed to help us outlaw some of the worse violations of rights, and we know that torture was still on the increase, and the government’s promises were still in high sky to reach. As a citizen of our country we need to act now and do something for making our human rights as strong as a rock to minimize all the violations that still going on all over the world. Doing and joining human rights March is healthy to all the people and might help people to know their right.

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Human Right First

It by no means fails, these human rights teams run around the globe attempting to stay their nostril into this and that, and know nothing about the problem or the solution, solely about, what they feel is ethically right, no matter who will get hurt. I am talking in regards to the millions of canines in India. I used to be in India for some time in 1997, and I walked exterior of the hotel, down the black at night time to get some fresh air, and within a matter of minutes, no farther then a half block from the resort, I bought cornered by a half dozen hungry big eyed dogs ready to eat me alive, and I picked up some stones, and a Hindu guard from the hotel heard the dogs growling, and came operating, and he also picked up some stones, and us two threw them on the ready to cost canines, and they ran off.

 Had the person not been there, or asleep, I might not be right here in the current day to jot down these shallow inept, people who march round he world as in the event that they acquired a halo over their heads within the name of human rights, to do humankind a service, typically they turn out to be a part of the problem not the solution. I hope India throws these careless, simple minded, unseasoned people out of their nation, and as a substitute of killing 100,000-dogs, go for a million, that can so some good, especially with the rabies epidemic there, 100,000-will solely put a dent within the problem. I’m not heartless; doges can be utilized for meals or fertilizer for the farmer, for a country the place persons are consuming garbage out of the inns dumpster, or that which is laying on the sidewalks throughout the streets from many motels, which I say on a daily bases.

 In Vietnam, I ate dog stew; it tastes like port, not bad when you are hungry. Maybe I can give you a greater answer, let the Human Rights of us, feed those a hundred,000-dogs, with cash out of their pockets, downside solved, and the canines are saved. However they solely give lip service to the problem, it is like the Good Samaritan, who walks by the dying man and say: why do not somebody do one thing about this poor soul, and retains on strolling to his house, and eats a complete chicken.

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Human Rights Violation

Violation of human rights is just not a wierd matter to the global people. But, you’re a human being with the true coronary heart and sympathy solely, you could really feel the inhuman acts occurring by the world. Let us discuss on what kinds of violation are seen. We see most people are disadvantaged of basic human necessities. Apart from, as a end result of racial discrimination, fundamentalism, communal discrimination, we will see that minority of different nations are going through oppression and suppression.

The worst sufferers are girls and children.

Dowry, child labor, child trafficking, early marriage, polygamy, sexual harass, rape, sentence to demise are additionally the violation of human rights. Right here I am going to debate on the violation of human rights with a view to exposing the facts and findings to the conscious individuals to get rid of the social annoyance.

In third world nations, dowry is considered as a social curse. Being unable to give assets (giant some of cash bike, television, refrigerator or any sorts of movable/unmovable belongings), bridegrooms and their dad and mom torture the brides. Consequently, many brides are compelled to commit suicide. Many brides are killed by their husbands.

Child labor is one other social phenomenon which is often seen in the third world international locations particularly in south Asia. The entire youngsters come from poverty stricken family. They do not get correct meals, shelter, treatment, garments and education. Generally, youngsters are died when they are engaged in life danger works.

Little one trafficking from south Asian international locations is seen in the day by day newspapers. Seeing trafficking information, human rights organizations come forward to aid the victims accordingly. Yearly, kids are taken Center East international locations equivalent to UAE, Oman, Katter, Bahrain, Saudi Arab and Sudan illegally from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

Early marriage is generally found in Muslim communities in Asia, Center East, Africa and Arab countries. As a citizen of Bangladesh, I’ve seen that a number of underage girls are forced to get married. For example, a 12 years old lady is wedded to a person of 60. As a social and spiritual customized it is allowed to permit these inhuman acts. On this civilized world, no one will tolerate these.

Allowing polygamy in a society can carry a selection of miseries. Let me inform a real story of a Muslim girl who was in such a family. Her husband had four wives and he received inspiration morally and spiritually by following their prophet Muhammad who additionally had about 13 wives. However, the girl have been disadvantaged of all rights from her husband and she or he was compelled to do onerous job exterior home. Each night time, being drunk, her husband would come and bit her severely whereas youngsters had been crying seeing the ferocious acts. At one point, the woman couldn’t help committing suicide. That is the consequence of polygamous family.

Sexual harassment can be a human rights violation. Hundreds of thousands of ladies of adolescences are being harassed or abused all over the world. At day gentle no one will be recognized as a criminal who harass the lady sexually however in darkness man turns into a Hyena. He raped and killed the harmless girl. Thus ladies reside without security as a entire lot of Hyenas roam here and there. How will we stop these Hyenas? How can we shield the women? We should consider it.

Justice delayed, justices denied- that is the words that may make you a clear sense about the violation of human rights. What is an important is to ensure justice with none delay. The treatment is something that is anticipated by all though we can’t get any appropriate treatment to get rid of all kinds of human right violation.

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Human Rights March

I saw this information item in today’s paper. The foremost thing I seen was that it’s a Pakistani National who’s attempting to avoid wasting the lives of Indians. In lately of extreme hatred going practically unchecked between the 2 neighbor nations,- India and Pakistan – this news gave me a very nice feeling. Compassion is no-body’s private property. Compassion transcends all social, economic, racial, spiritual and national barriers. That is an instance, – a human rights activists is making an attempt to save heaps of the lives of 17 convicted murderers belonging to his nation’s enemy country. My due thanks additionally goes to the Shariah legal system on this specific case, which supplies a last chance to the sentenced convict after trial to survive. This regulation bestows complete energy in the aggrieved person to pardon the perpetrator of the heinous crime and the pardon is complete, – the convict walks straight from the prison into the free world without having to undergo a reduced sentence. Now the Pakistani activist is arranging US $ fifty four,000/- as compensation to the family in Pakistan, of the murdered person. This compensation known as as “blood money” in local parlance by the people who are familiar with Shariah Law. Ansar Burney, the gentleman who is going to pay the ‘blood money’ is still to surpass sure nationwide and international legal hurdles, the paper says. But it seems he is going to obtain success in his mission as there are such precedences. Kudos to the lion hearted activist.

I wonder if violence isn’t one of many primary instincts of human being. Only man among the total residing species indulges in violence and killing without any benefit. All different animal species resort into violence both for self protection or its prey. I do not need to go into searching the explanations anthropologically or scientifically. Then again I am attempting to analyze human nature spiritually. I feel worry is the guiding pressure making greed, envy and jealousy at the root of all uncalled for violence. And, what about punishments underneath any national felony penal code? The legalized punishment for against the law is all the time within the form of either revenge or a form of violence. Is not death sentence violence? Man is the only animal with the power to think. And what is a thought? All ideas are based mostly on preconceived values and every worth, every sense of fine and bad, right and flawed are given to us by the society by which we live. That makes a thought restricted in perceptibility, given senses, given concepts and ideals, with none creation, is it not? A thought isn’t separate from me or the mind. Thought is me. Thought is mind. Have you ever observed each time you would possibly be in deep thought there does not exist both ‘me’ or the ‘mind’? It’s only after you come out of that thought you come to know of your existence. Thought creates ‘me’. It isn’t ‘me’ and ‘my mind’. Each ‘me’ and the ‘mind’ are one and the same. Surely, to say ‘me’ and ‘my thoughts’ is absurd. Thoughts is all the time fearful as a result of it is the fear that creates thought. Animals do not know if there’s a tomorrow. They have no idea what is death. Their solely concern is survival in the present. It’s only the pondering mind that creates tomorrow, future and death on the basis of memories of yesterday and the past. This very means of storing experiences and recollections creates a past. This previous gives a special meaning to survival, which is in the backdrop of concern of dying and that creates the need for security. Naturally, concern of demise and sense of safety trigger greed – the tendency to acquire more than necessary. Society provides extra value to people who have more. This process of created values of human life is sure to imbibe violence. Extra the greed the more violence.

In the occasion you keenly observe, there’s fear at the root of each violent act, be it simple fight leading to homicide or war between nations. The accompanying rape, loot and homicide are all outcomes of greed or envy. I believe there is no escape from this example, as a consequence of almost all of the religions are born with the purpose of adjusting the world into a peaceful dwelling place. For my part, they have all failed. Then again modern-day violence are virtually all based mostly on religious fundamentalism.

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Preventing Racial Discrimination

All around the world, people struggle to belong to wherever life places them no matter what color or religion or belief one might have and there is a human right law to prevent any person from ever feeling racism. There is also a Convention whose goal is to put down racial discrimination all around the world. It is called the ICERD or the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This convention was opened for signature at the Unite Nation General Assembly on the twenty-first of December 1965, then entered and took action on the fourth of January 1969. By October of 2011, it has gained eighty-six signatories and a hundred and seventy-five parties. After the Convention was set into motion it was then monitored by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination or CERD.

As I’ve said, one of the common goals of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination is to stop any forms of racial discrimination all around the world. Why do you think there’s a force needed to drive away racial discrimination? I, for one, think that racism has reached a much more extreme level even before. That is why this Convention was made: it is a second generation human right instrument and each of its member commit to put down any kind of racial discrimination and to promote understanding in all colors, religion, and races. What is the effect of racial discrimination to all of us? Simply that it puts a huge gulf between any race to ever interact and have an understanding since one thinks that the other is any lesser. One, it does not seem right to underestimate one person just because of ones origins or belief. And two, no one is any lesser or higher that the other next person. People can be scaled by their skill and achievement not by their race or color or religion.

As the saying goes, “Everyone is equal” from thereon we should have understood that you can never look down on people depending on their character or skill. Mostly, different people of different coloring and culture mostly suffer from racial discrimination and I most certainly think that it is not and should not be tolerated. Racial discrimination is one form of bullying and ever since then it has been frowned upon by so many people and it is also been taught in school that children should prevent bullying. Let’s all stop racial discrimination and at the same time stop one form of bullying and make the future for the young a more peaceful one and teach them that there is a law of human right against racism and it is there for a reason: to stop people from discriminating different color, race or belief than their own.

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The Rights People Should Know They Have

Human rights, as we have known not all countries have their human rights in their law. This right is very important to everyone. Anyone has its own will to do the things they wanted to do without other people asking them why and doing things without compiling to other people. Even if these rules have its limitations still we need to respect the privacy of a person. These rights are “commonly understood as things not given to jaydene, rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.” We hope that these rights were implemented throughout the world because not all countries invoke this kind of rules. These rights might exist as a natural right or as legal rights, in both national and international law. However, still other people violated the right of their fellow men, which is why it is important to have these rights so that we can fight for those who are against us.

The belief of human rights comes from the doctrine found in religion and philosophy in Western Europe. The modern Western meaning of human rights started in the European Enlightenment. In the 16th century, some people started advocating that everyone had the religious and political right to choose their religion and their leaders. This sort of thinking was important in the English Civil War. After the war, the philosopher John Locke disagrees that people should have these rights; he was one of the first people to call them “human rights.” These ideas were also important in the American Revolution and the French revolution in the 18th century. That is why we really need to keep in touch to our very own rights to do things freely. And the government also needed to implement a much stronger rule that all people should know there is “human rights”, rights” and the right is useful everywhere and anywhere in the world you wanted to go.

This is the list of rights that all people should know about even though not all the people in the world agree to all that have been written in the constitution of human rights. The first five rights that you must know are the Right to have Privacy, Right to Live or Exist even if there still people that kill, Right to have a Family, To Own Property and Free Speech or free to talk. The next five rights are safety from Violence, Equality of both Males and Females; women rights this right includes that women should have their right to vote, Fair Trial, to be innocent until Proven Guilty even if some people are really punishable with their crimes and to be a Citizen of a Country. Then Right to Express his or his Sexual Orientation, To Keep one’s own Gender Identity and Rights to have or not to have a Surgery, To Vote, To Seek Asylum if a Country treats you badly this right is sometimes happened to those people who are looking for a job in overseas and for those who visit other countries and To think Freely. Finally, To Believe and Practice the Religion a person wants, To Peacefully Protest (speak against) a government or group, Health Care (medical care), Education; the problem of those remote areas just like most of the country in Africa, To Communicate through a language and Not be forced into Marriage. These human rights should have known by all people.

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